Abdomen/Tummy Part 3

And finally, stating the obvious, there is something very visceral about this area. Visceral describes a sort of reaction or feeling about something that goes beyond logic. Maybe 15 years ago I heard a newscaster say thet he felt something at a “visceral level”, and since then, I’ve heard it used more and more.

Yes, there is something visceral and intimate and personal about our tummies. The feeling of dislike when this area is worked is usually more associated with the foreigness of the work than pain. When an experience is new it can almost evoke stress, but repetition and familiarity and trust can change that.

This is so true of many different areas of injury I’ve encountered over the years in different clients. I always honor it when someone tells me (not necessarily verbally) that they don’t like something I am doing, but it is very enriching when they allow me to proceed and it transforms into a healing and satisfying experience.

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