Abdominal Massage

I’m amazed at the number of people who have had low back problems and have had many massages, and have never had a therapist massage into the abdoman to address the hip flexors that lay against the front of the spine. Although for some people this can feel intrusive an unusual, when this muscle is tight it can compress the spine. By stretching and relaxing/lengthening this muscle along with the illiacus muscles, the benefits can be unbelievable.

Another benefit is for anyone who has had abdominal surgery where the possibility of scar tissue building up can cause obstructions. My daughter’s boyfriend is in the hospital following an emergency surgery due to just that. I will encourage him to do self abdominal massage for himself which has many benefits and will help increase circulation in this area and keep this from occurirng in the future.

I personally find viceral and abdominal massage pleasant. I will continue this subject with more information and benefits. There are many different types and intentions that accompany this.

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