I am becoming more involved in Thai Massage which involves a lot of stretching.  Sometimes the stretching is passive, while sometimes I might put pressure on a particular muscle and then stretch.  In the second example, a specific tight area is directly contacted and felt specifically.

I have also begun Feldenkrais sessions with a very good practitioner.  I have done numerous workshops in Feldenkrais and enjoy them immensely and get a lot out of them.  Feldenkrais works with movement in sometimes very slow ways, discovering new pathways and patterns, but not usually directly and pointedly putting pressure on a specific tight area.

What I am discovering for me is that I, and many people when experiencing muscular and skeletal discomfort really respond well when you find and isolate the area that is giving them problems.  “Right there, that’s the spot!”.  Sometimes these “spots” are very hard to find buried under and between other muscles/fascia.  Sometimes there are quite a few spots.  The muscles are pretty much basic geometry.  If this one is tight here, and this one is tight there, then the pattern becomes more obvious.  And of course for every tight muscle, there is one somewhere that is “a slacker”.

So I’ll probably find ways to integrate Thai Massage into my work, but still work deeply in the fascia and muscles, and the verdict is still out on my Feldenkrais sessions.  I think the work is profound, but I’m not sure I have the patience and time to get the results I hope to get from my hip-knee issue.  I’d apprecitae any feed back.

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