I am massaging a girlfriend of a client/friend of mine for 2 hours.  He has told me a few times that she doesn’t go to women because the can’t go deep enough.  In the past a couple of times I have been referred new clients who are seeking deep work and I find out later that I went “too deep” and they didn’t return.  I usually am intuitive about this kind of thing after so many years, but not always.  I check in, I notice breathing and tightening, but if someone is new and is uncomfortable telling me that the work is too deep, they can mask it.  I try not to beat myself over these incidents, but it is my job to sense this.  So today, we’ll see.  My goal is to create an experience for her, to meet her needs as best I can.  I’ll let you know.

When I began in massage I was hesitant to work with terminal people.  After going through the dying process with several precious clients that I have had, I feel honored to be a part of this very natural process.  This is perhaps the most rewarding and humbling work I have encountered.  Today I am blessed to be able to help in this way again.

I do believe in stretching by lengthening the muscle like drawing your right ear to your right shoulder to stretch the left side. I do however believe isometric contractions activate the muscle fibers differently and can be more effective in healing.  For tight adductors (inner thigh muscles) the machines where as you squeeze your knees together while sitting while the machine provides resistance is a type of isometric contraction.  To also stimulate the opposing muscles is also beneficial.  In the case of the adductors you would have to find resistance and while sitting push the knee outward (just using the palm of the hands can suffice).