What works?  My answer is “I have no idea”.  Holistic implies a body/mind integration and the question is frequently asked in regards to a medical or emotional/nervous system problem.

Some things work for many people and sometimes not.  People who are suffering from chronic illness want to get better and are willing to try almost anything from different types of energy work to accupunture to going to “special people”.  There are so many different models of the body/mind from so many cultures that don’t integrate very well it is a field I have finally become comfortable with after much struggle.  That there is mystery in this world is one thing I have come to.  That staying open to possibility is another.  That getting our will’s out of the way to allow the process of the body’s natural intelligence and the technique being used can work together is one more.  Now stand back, trust in the process and TRUST your own sense of the effectiveness. Also, read my first article under that title here on my website to get an understanding of  the benefit being present(relaxed and aware).

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