Male vs Female Massage Therapist

Unfair as it is, female therapists are preferred over males over 5 to 1.  The reasons vary from men not liking to be touched by other men, to women feeling more comfortable being touched by other women.  That being said, in some ways men have more weight behind them and theoretically can work deeper (but I’ll argue that unless someone is very very bulky), and some women find it “creepy” to be touched by another woman.

I had a massage by a male therapist last week, and I”ll tell you why I prefer women although the skill in a male therapist is usually as good if not better than average.  Firstly, men have had to learn to be very careful of not being sexual in our culture as sad as that is.  To me though, it is about feeling nurtured, and I have always felt more nurtured by women.  We all have mothers and when that caring female hand is laid upon my back, I just open up to receiving and healing.

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