Massage, Mindfulness, Meditation

Along with being a Massage Therapist for over 17 years, I have also practiced meditation( in which mindfulness is a part). I believe it is so life changing that I am facilitating a sitting group in hopes that others can benefit from this wonderful tool. The link between the three is obvious.  To put it simply, our world revolves around feelings.

There aren’t many Massage Therapists that didn’t enter the profession without the knowledge that probably over 80% of people who receive massage are doing it because it makes them feel so much better and relaxes them.  Most of us therapists find this aspect highly rewarding.

Meditation and mindfulness practice come back to the same thing.  We want to feel good and be happy and can feel enslaved by worry.  Power, money, happiness all have their source in feelings.

The weak link in the chain of our experiences is feelings,and if we can skillfully see them, we can short circuit a process that leads to misery.

“Here’s a little song I wrote—–you can sing it note by note——-don’t worry———be happy” (wish I knew how to insert audio)

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