Some People Just Don’t Like Massage

Why don’t some people like massage?  I don’t know but I assume that they don’t find touch relaxing.  There have been many people who have come to me for a massage with no intention of relaxing, but to be relieved from pain, but 90% who I have helped to do that have ended up relaxing and feeling more refreshed and calm which I believe is component of healing (restoring circulation is primary).  Now there ary many people who say they don’t like massage because in the past the massages they have received have not been satisfying. Wheather too deep, boring, uncomfortable with the touch are a few I hear frequently.

Now if someone tells me she doesn’t like massage but loves to be touched or massaged by her boyfriend or husband,  that raises some questions in my mind.  I am hearing that she finds touch very personal.  If that is the case, I believe there is “hope” for her to enjoy all of the benefits of massage like those who do.  I would love feedback on this.

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