Spirituality and massage

  The word spirituality is tricky and I am defining it as something that affects our well being or spirit and is non material and is usually used to imply a way of being that is slightly esoteric. 

The reason this comes up so frequently is that massage usually is relaxing and healing which implies a sense of well being.  To achieve this, good skill and technique aren’t enough.  The recipient gets much more out of it if he is fully present in a relaxed way, and the therapists job is to accomplish this by tuning into him and listening to his body/mind.  At some level we are talking about the nervous system, and many might add that it is intuition, but it goes much deeper.

It’s an engagement and connection that occurs and its that simple.  But to be that present is a skill and art, and many therapists of all kinds find classes and “beliefs” to help this occur.

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