The pelvis and low back/hip pain

As I studied more about tight groin and hip flexors, I began to learn of how the head of the femur actually pulls out of the hip socket.  When I began to feel pain in my hip and legs after I sat for long periods of time (cross legged while meditating) I began to get a sense of this.  As I slowly rotated my hip socket around each femur head I was able to isolate the pain and work with contracting and stretching very specific muscles.  Since then I continually try to draw my SITS bones together under me and push my outer glut muscles toward the center.  I also have found that being aware of my pelvic floor and SITS bones (and making sure they are under me and not out behind me) is imperative to keeping the hips and low back aligned.  It is also important to not just stretch, but also to strengthen.  More on this later.

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