The Tummy Part 2

Many people like to think of the tummy as this hard, six pack solid area that is never touched unless it is a prelude to adult activity.  It can be a tentative area, also because it is foreign territory.

I like to think of the area as soft and rich.  Developmentally(physiologically) our six endpoints meet in the middle here in what is called a starfish pattern.  Right/left, upper/lower, and contralateral patterns —-all merge here.   A lot of  “stuff is here”, and although many schools warn of how this area evokes emotional reactions/releases,  in my experience of working with perhaps 10,000 tummies, it is simply not the case.

Many philosophies give the naval area great significance.  I studied Chi Nei Tsung in Sedona years ago which is an Ancient Chinese Taoist practice of massage (in part) and is used in Thai Massage, works with the viscera and abdominal area where the complete map of the organ systems associated with the meridians and their points lie.

The Japanese refer to this area as the hara and many martial art schools refer to the tan tien which is a spot about two inches below the naval as an area of focus and an area to focus from.

To be continued……….

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