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Massage Therapist in Parker Colorado

Shirley has gained an excellent reputation in Parker, is referred to by chiropractors and health care professionals and after being located in Olde Town Parker for over twenty years, and is located in the beautiful iThrive Yoga facility conveniently located on Parker Road right near Hickory House..

Her reputation for being able to work deeply and specifically has enabled her to help athletes and those suffering from pain due to injury or repetitive motion, but she also loves working with those who prefer a light touch and are purely seeking stress reduction.  She blends techniques striving to create a fluid experience that is healing and relaxing.

She continues to study massage techniques and also study in areas that may help her clients become more aware of how they can develop habits to improve their overall sense of well being.   This may include posture,  increased range of motion and decreased stress.  Massage therapy  is very individual.  While many people just want a good massage without any information or interaction,  others are willing to be active participants by doing isometric contractions, stretching and welcome exercises and information that will benefit them.

Because understanding relaxation and awareness has always been so important for her to be able to be present for her clients and in life, meditation is a big part of her life.  She facilitates two “sitting groups” weekly at the iThrive Yoga Studio that are free to the community.  Please feel free to join her, also as a meet up group called  iThrive Yoga Meditation

Shirley’s History

Trained in swedish, advanced sports, myofascial  release and stretching, neuoromuscuar therapy, trigger point therapy,  she  works correctively and can work  deeply  yet at the same time feels  strongly about the integration of feeling  relaxed and balanced.  Also trained in Reike, Cranio Sacral Therapy , Trauma Touch and Body/Mind Psychotherapy,  her deepest commitment is to stay present and attuned to her clients needs.
She also strives to integrate the philosophies of pioneers such as Ida Rolf and Mosh Feldenkrais into her massage work, two of many individuals who have taken different models of the body to create healing techniques that are reknown worldwide.  Her practice in vipassana and zen meditation for over 15 years, along with her training with Jon Kabit Zinn (mindful based stress reduction meditation) have helped to give her tools to help healing and growth occur.


Shirley welcomes comments and questions about anything regarding healing of the body-mind and increasing a sense of well being.  Please call.  720 350 1805